May 30, 2016

Feel the vibration of the shift

♡ Hello fellow co-creators and welcome to another video blog from Oneness Nations,

You may be aware that over the last few years something has been happening on planet Earth.

Devastating earthquakes, powerful hurricanes, massive floods and mudslides; nature’s destructive powers seem stronger than ever and on display much more frequently. What is happening is that the vibration of the earth is shifting, creating space for consciousness to expand on a global scale. As it grows, human beings everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of life on this planet; seeing it more and more for the illusion that it is. Because we haven’t been able to see the truth for what it is, the Earth has been trying to wake us up by creating natural disasters.

The good news is that the illusion can be lifted. The different nations and cultures that exist today are all unique in their own way, yet at their core they all contain Truth. And that is true on an individual level as well. When we tap into this essential Truth that is within and around us wherever we are, we begin to realize we already are oneness nations. Our outward expression may differ, but we are one at our core. This unification, this bringing together of our Truths, has the power to materialize real peace on Earth. Imagine an outpouring of such a consciousness of Oneness, where kindness, love and respect towards one another are expressed naturally and where caring for each other and sharing with each other is effortless.

This reality is being built by us every day. Join now to co-create with us.

On behalf on planet Earth, thank you!