May 30, 2016

Uniting in Oneness

♡ Hello fellow co-creators and welcome to another video blog from Oneness Nations,

This moment is our chance to co-create actions that will positively influence many generations to come. Now is the time to hold our hands together, merge our hearts and unite in Oneness. Together we shall be co-creators, using our innate powers to shift the energies on planet Earth and bring harmony into the world. Our power is so strong that when we unite as one we are able to shift planet Earth to a point of paradise. All the accumulated potential that we hold will be fulfilled. This is the evolution we have all been waiting for.

The next step in this evolution is uniting all human beings in Oneness, regardless of their religion, skin color, gender and sexual orientation, where they came from and where they are now. Uniting in full awareness that we are conscious human beings able to shift and rise above the illusions of the world, above the dogmas, above disharmonies. Rising in awareness that we are, truly, ONE.