May 30, 2016

Oneness Nations for the world

♡ Hello fellow co-creators and welcome to another video blog from Oneness Nations,

You might be wondering: what is Oneness Nations for? What does it bring to the world, why does it exist?

Oneness Nations is an organization that aims to unite all other organizations, including individuals, NGO’s and foundations, to allow the consciousness of each one of them to merge and to broadcast in oneness. We unite and manifest all that we wish to see in the world. This goes beyond talking about ending poverty, fixing the ecological and economical crises, and so on. The time for talking is done. We create solutions in the actual, physical world.

To the mind, this seems like a monumental task. But the mind’s thinking can be shifted; every one of us has the power to do so. When we use our mind to be kind to each other, to share with and be caring and compassionate towards each other, we each create an energy that is incredibly powerful. Then, when we come together and merge these powerful energies, we are able to make all those solutions we would like to see in the world actually happen. The power is in uniting as individuals on a consciousness level, which will create a shift into Oneness. That shift is right here, waiting for us to make it. Your consciousness has a strong desire to unite in Oneness, it has a strong desire to express its power and create a shift on this planet. All of you as individuals and members of all kinds of organizations, are already doing an amazing job. Now imagine all of us shifting together, united as one…

We are powerful beyond measure, we can create healing in all areas where have inadvertently hurt our planet. It starts by being present, looking inside ourselves and realizing: we are one, we can connect in a Oneness consciousness and be the shift we wish to see in the world.

Will you shift with us?