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Donate Now – Oneness Nations is a non-profit organization, becoming a powerful network. To develop it, your gifts and donations are received with gratitude. Every dollar makes a difference. Giving to us means you will receive back. You are giving and receiving, this is the law of the universe. It goes directly towards continuing the development and expansion of the organization. Your donation is used wisely for maintenance and promoting the website, connecting co-creators on this network and start establishing the first creation centers around the world. As well you can support us to fund the first petitions and campaigns to shift into harmony and love in conflicts areas.

Give Now – You can help shift us all for a better world. As a co-creator you can give a certain amount of your infinite amount of time and energy to assist us with all the tasks to make this vision reality.

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We are grateful for who you are, your donation, your time and energy, THANK YOU!