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Do you feel the importance to connect and unite with all human beings in the world? Do you wish to raise the consciousness on our beautiful planet Earth? Exactly this is possible through the Oneness Nations network. It is a network for everyone who knows in their heart that together we can be the shift we wish to see in the world.

Please read through the following statements. If you feel connected to at least 70-80% of them, it is likely you are a co-creator on the Oneness Nations network.

  1.  I feel love towards myself, towards others and to mother Earth most of the day
  2. I am aware of the illusion of life around me and remember it’s up to me to be neutral, centered and in harmony with my surroundings
  3. I project words and thoughts from a positive perspective, so as to benefit myself and others
  4. I have an infinite amount of time and energy forever
  5. I am expanding my awareness wider and wider, every day and every night
  6. I live life to its fullest extent
  7. I am in the now and the now I am
  8. I am the manifestation of the divine
  9. I can see, I can feel and can project Oneness
  10. We are all One vibration, existing in Oneness
  11. I command that the above vibrates through my soul, body and mind at all times, and that my consciousness is for the highest benefit of all
Feel connected? Join Oneness Nations now and become a co-creator!

Feel connected?
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