Oneness Nations

Oneness Nations is a global network, uniting all citizens on planet Earth with the purpose of bringing holistic life, abundance and harmony to the world. We were born to do this and together we will make it a reality.

It is time to let go of all forms of separation that exist today and rise together in Oneness. That is where we unite and know that we are truly one; that is where we share love and joy freely. Together, united in Oneness, we are able to be the shift we wish to see in the world, for ourselves and for generations to come.

About Elovena

Elovena is the co-founder and CEO of Oneness Nations. From an early age, she felt something was off in the world around her.

As a remedy for this feeling she often isolated herself, tuning into the higher self and listening completely to her heart instead of the head. Focussing on love instead of all the drama in life.

After completing her studies she created a golden cage for herself, from which she could experience the 3rd dimension in moderation. From there, the experience of her higher self and higher dimensions grew and she shifted into Oneness; into unconditional love, being in the now, forgiveness and an abundant, holistic life. She became at peace with herself and her surroundings.

The biggest shift was yet to come and occurred when Elovena was completely alone, off grid in the mountains by a river. Being in Oneness with nature in complete silence and neutral awareness allowed her mission in this life to reveal itself, leading to the birth of Oneness Nations. From then on, Elovena has been devoted to her mission to unite all citizens of the world and materialize the shift into Oneness on a global scale.

Creation Centres

Imagine entering a space where all possibilities of creation exist.

Psychical creations like art and craft, music, film, video, design, movement, theater and the written word. Technology creations such as computer innovations, software architecture, robotics, internet, apps, web design, quantum physics and much more. Human creations is about teaching and experiencing emphatic harmony communication, self-expression, group-dynamics, meditation, awareness, holistic life and more.

Welcome to Oneness Nations Creation Centers, where we believe in free access to creative expression for all. Creativity is at the heart of Oneness Nations, we aspire it to ascend and create the shift. This is especially true for children and young adults, who have the power to create a vibrant reality. That is why we wish to establish Creation Centers all over the world where everyone, and especially the younger generations, can share their genius, their innovative skills and talents.

Let’s unite and increase the standard for all human beings all around the world. Imagine what we could co-create…

Get involved by joining us and become a co-creator.

Fair Income

One of Oneness Nations’ main campaigns is the Fair Income campaign.

Imagine a world where everyone is provided with a fair, equal income, by loving, caring citizens who donate part of their earnings for the highest benefit of all.

We believe this is much more than a dream, we believe it can become reality now, and it starts with Oneness Nations.

How does it work?

Every co-creator on the Oneness Nations network who feels inspired to do so can join the campaign by donating a minimum amount of 1 dollar per month. Those who are able to, are encouraged to donate 10% of their income, in accordance with the Laws of the Universe. Every month the total amount of donations is divided by the number of donators, who each receive an equal amount of Fair Income.

Example: co-creator #1 donates 2 dollar, co-creator #2 donates 21 dollars, co-creator #3 donates 9 dollars and co-creator #4 donates 108 dollars. The Fair Income that each co-creator receives that month will be 2 + 21 + 9 + 108 = 140 dollar / 4 = 35 dollar.

It is a fair system in which everybody wins: when everyone donates 1 dollar, everyone will get their 1 dollar back; if the people who can donate larger amounts, everyone (they themselves included) will benefit; the Law of Giving and Receiving sees to that.

Imagine the possibilities of a world wide Fair Income system. The concept of ‘developing countries’ could disappear; when people everywhere donate up to 10% of their earnings and every citizen on the planet receives a Fair Income from that, what would ‘poverty’ even mean?

This is sharing and caring for each other in its purest form.

In recent years there have been successful experiments with the concept Basic income. A basic income without intervention of the government that create dependency, is Fair income. Fair income unite and put your power into sharing with all the citizens in Oneness nations. It is time to step up and create a shift and become global.

Join and be a co-creator! Be the shift you wish to see in the world.